Mega Origins

I’ve always enjoyed drawing. I started drawing a long time ago, after watching an old friend draw things in his notebook all the time. I thought it looked like fun, so I started doodling here and there, and eventually really got into it. Eventually I started drawing images I’d see in comic books, mostly because I wanted to see how well I could draw them. After that, I started making my own stuff, starting with weapons, then eventually creating my own superheroes.

Along with my drawing, I taught myself how to work with Photoshop, so a lot of my art is now being tweaked and given additions. Photoshop has certainly brought new life to my drawings, new and old. I’d gone from drawing in multilayer, to drawing one piece at a time and layering them in Photoshop. Other than my drawings, I’ve even made my own fan pics from some of my favorite tv shows.

I also enjoy writing, as I have written a few things here and there. I made a game walkthrough, posted on GameFAQs, written short stories based off of a superhero I created, and I’ve also written a few fanfics. The writing is fun, too, but my passion truly lies in that of my drawing.

My art has been steady over the years, and as I have changed spiritually, and have returned to the Lord. I have always known  He was there,  and now I have finally and truly embraced Him, and am ready to live as He would have me live, as I slowly walk the path that He has laid out for me. I wanted my artwork to reflect this wonderful change in me, in the same way that my musical taste does.You’ll see this as you browse my spiritually based art gallery. I still love to draw superheroes, and I still do. I’m redoing some of my old drawings with new ideas, and finishing those that had been long forgotten.

Thanks for reading, and God bless.